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July 7
Virgin Media decided I didn't need at least some of my Internet access today; it seemed from casual inspection to possibly be Cloudflare-connected sites, but I also lost the ability to connect to my home network from the outside, which was mildly annoying. Maybe it's time I finally set up some sort of firewall/NAT-climbining VPN.

Revised assessment of DVD tools:It's possible that I may get better results from mencoder or also from just giving up on this disc entirely.

July 6
Making use of the DVD Archive! We watched Johnny Mnemonic (the Japanese edit, for that is what I own) and I forgot that there are a few bits of unsubtitled Japanese dialogue in it, but nothing you couldn't figure out from context or that necessarily affected the storyline. I have the Japanese edit because I read an interview with Gibson some time after I'd seen some other (international? American?) edit and thought it wasn't bad; in the interview, Gibson talked about the push-pull with the studio and how the end result was a Sony movie, not a William Gibson movie, and how the Japanese edit was the closest to what he intended. I don't know, at this point, what the actual differences were, but I immediately popped open Amazon Japan and ordered the movie. What I like about this movie is that for me, at least, it really captures what Gibson wrote about the Matrix (no, not the Watchowski one) in visual format without losing much, or anything in the process. The intercuts between Johnny wearing his goofy datagloves and visor (check Dina Meyer, in character or not, mocking the gloves), and the VR view, really gels with the whole "cyberdeck cowboy" routine in the Sprawl stories. I particularly liked how the act of hacking something, or even pulling data from something, was characterised by physical movements, some of which seemed to almost map directly to bits from random Gibson stories. Pulling in the bridge from All Tomorrow's Parties et. al as the home of the LoTeks is a bold move, but it works; Dolph Lundgren's preacher character, not so much. (I have no idea what that was about.) Overall this is still a bit of a rough movie, but I do like it.

July 5
Busy week at work, so further investigation of Dealing With Awkward DVDs was limited, but I've got this far:

Changing Lanes was ok. I recall seeing the trailers for this, possibly in the cinema, but it took me more than 20 years to actually get around to watching it. Ben Affleck's change of heart seems... somewhat contrived, and William Hurt is... I don't know what William Hurt is even doing in this movie.

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