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A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

April 14
First 8TB drive integrated into the array, so time to install the second... oh. Some damned fool locked the drive slot and then put the keys "somewhere safe". Fortunately the locks are susceptible to a simple screwdriver. Wonder where I put the keys, though? Anyway. The array is once again rebuilding itself to incorporate the drive and extend its capacity so in a couple of days it should all be back to full health.

April 13
Saoirse Ronan's performance in Mary, Queen of Scots was bloody excellent. Also funny seeing "River from Slow Horses" as a disgraced, ineffectual spy nobleman. The story was interesting enough and seems to have stuck reasonably close to history, other than the almost entirely theoretical meeting between the two queens.

April 12
Figured we couldn't go wrong with a Keanu Reeves movie, but, ah, Siberia certainly put paid to that idea. Starts out as a simple MacGuffin movie, then turns into... I'm not sure what. Romance in the boonies? And then finally when it seems like we might get some sort of interesting finale, it just ends. Like, stops dead, so to speak. It's like they ran out of money before they finished the movie or something. Do not recommend.

April 11
DVD count: 221. I've just gone through the mildly terrifying hard-drive swap dance to install one of the new 8TB drives. Now I have to wait for the array to rebuild, then I repeat the process for the second 8TB drive. Synology does not make this easy: the drive identification LEDs are laid out perpendicular to the actual drives, and there's no clear indication if the drives are numbered left to right, right to left, or (as an old piece of office hardware had it), 1-3-2-4. Spoiler: left to right. Also the current drives have between two years three months and two years nine months of runtime on them. I seem to recall the previous drives died off at around four years.

April 8
A second TRV went offline (one of the better-behaved ones, too) so I went through the painful rigmarole of shutting down OpenHAB, firing up OZWCP, identifying the dead devices sufficiently, replacing them, etc. While I was doing this, another TRV fell offline and had to be picked up again. This home automation stuff seems like a net work generator at this point.

DVD ripping: 207 discs ripped, about a dozen currently waiting for me to deal with Disney's "bad block" copy protection, and a pair of 8TB drives ordered.

April 6
Hadn't seen Rocky before, if you can believe that. It's... not much.

April 5
I don't know quite how long it's been since I last saw Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but it's a lot less actually violent than I recall - most of the violence is off camera, or implied. It's also not as polished as it seemed at the time, but doesn't really suffer too badly for it.

April 3
Grr. Half my z-wave network appears to be offline, presumably in sympathy with the TRV which decided to stop working.

Exciting. I triggered a soft reset on the controller and ... OpenHAB crashed. Oooh, even better, it came back as a different device so OpenHAB can't find it. Sigh.

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