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May 16
Toys, toys, toys. So last Thursday we replaced our long-serving (7 years!) petrol-engined car with a fully-electric car. Driving it so far has proven to be fun, at least as much for discovering seven years of upgrades to the state of the art as anything else.

Arrived today in the post: a chip-reading cat feeder. One of our cats has an eating problem - he likes to, and a lot - and the other is a grazer. The eater wound up with a bit of a weight problem, so we've had him on a diet for a while, and part of the diet enforcement protocol is putting the grazer's food where the glutton can't reach it. Alas, the newly svelte and definitely hungry piglet has discovered his inner ninja and is now able to jump to the previously safe perch. So, electronics to the rescue. Insert food into feeder; insert cat into feeder to program the chip-reader; go through tedious acclimatisation programme to get cat to use the feeder. Or, in Bonzo's case, wait a few hours while she figures it out and gets used to it. It wasn't cheap, but it's definitely working quite well and we (so far) haven't had to engage the Thieving Cat Defence or the Shut Lid Quickly feature: LardCat is simply freaked out by the thing and eyes it suspiciously from a safe distance.

May 10
We've had Airprint functioning in the house through judicious application of a Raspberry Pi and some open source software, but it's rarely used because we don't actually print that much. This past weekend, however, we had need of printing something from an iPad. Sent it to the printer and ... nothing. I spent probably an hour tinkering with various things, upgrading things, restarting things, rebooting things and eventually stumbled across the problem: the thing being printed was a password-protected PDF, and the server didn't have the password. I don't know how this is supposed to work, but it sure as hell was hard to debug...

May 8
Hurrah, it turns out my React bug is actually a bug in the library I was using, and rolling back a couple of point releases fixes it. While investigating this I found a few other problems that were my fault, mind you.

May 7
Picard S2 also wrapped up nicely, albeit just a little bit anticlimactically. On the whole I enjoyed this, so I really can't fathom people saying it's the worst Trek ever (have they not seen the TOS?) - something you'll find not a little of with a quick Internet search. Maybe what they really wanted was ST:TNG Season 8? I don't know.

Noticed that Harry Bosch had reappeared in Bosch: Legacy; I'm not sure why the name change as it still seems to be almost all the same people, but whatever. I thought the season opener was going to wrap up as a standalone episode at one point (not sure why; maybe just the pacing?) but no, it's good for both ten episodes and a second season, it looks like, so YAY!

May 1
Slow Horses wrapped up nicely in six episodes: didn't feel rushed, didn't feel dragged out. I know there were some changes in the ending, but I wasn't keeping track throughout and feel like it's worth going back through the book now both because it's fun to read and also to see what was actually changed vs. what I remember / was aware of. Cast-wise, I think they pretty much nailed it, although Min was a bit more hapless than I recall, and Judd was way too far from who he's supposed to be a caricature of - they could have at least cast the dishevelled blonde hair correctly!

I'm now debating whether we cancel the Apple TV subscription until the next season comes around, or not, since we haven't watched a single other thing with it.

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