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A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

September 11
More fun with our TV provider:

me: "search for Endeavour"
tv: "ok! I found Endeavour"
me: "show me"
tv: "S1E1 is on next Saturday, and S7E1 is available on replay-tv."
me: "what about S7E2?"
tv: "nope!"
me: "ok, lemme check the TV guide."
guide: "S7E2 is on this Sunday"
me: "..."
tv: "no idea what it's talking about"

Note, the search function and the TV Guide are part of the same piece of software. I've set it to season recording, but who knows what that'll do.

I also discovered that the "remote recording" feature, whereby you can use the provider's website to set recordings on your settop box, doesn't notice if you subsequently delete the recording from the settop box, and doesn't list anything you're recording that wasn't booked through the settop box. Cunning.

September 9
Star Trek: TNG: Season 4 complete.

September 8
Since several office tools support Markdown, I'm finally sufficiently familiar with the basics that I've started using it for scratch-building HTML pages. I'm using Python-Markdown which has some nice extensions (like arbitrary attributes, and tables), but I've not actually looked at the HTML it outputs yet to see how clean it is.

September 1
So we chugged through most of ST:TNG Season 6 without losing an episode, and rolled over to season 7, and just because I stopped paying attention our beloved service provider decided to do whatever they do that makes Season Recording stop recognising that you've enabled it for, you know, a season, so we lost a few of Season 7. On the plus side, the "sweeper" channel is just picking up the hole in season 4 from when we had to replace the digibox.

We pay for this wonderful service, you know.

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