Resumé for Ronan Waide

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Senior Linux/Unix Systems Administrator or Senior Linux/Unix Developer


I have over 10 years of experience developing for and administering a wide range of Unix systems, by myself, as part of a team, and as team leader/manager. My development experience covers all aspects from specification through to testing; my administration experience covers a similarly wide range, including building systems from scratch, securing systems, maintaining network services, etc. I have also, although to a far lesser extent, developed for and/or administered Windows systems from Windows 3.1 to Windows XP. I have been trained and certified as a CCSE/CCSA on Checkpoint Firewall-1 v4.0, and received non-certified training in C++ and Java. I have given technical presentations on technologies such as application security, clustering and deploying Samba to customers, co-workers and peers in the industry, and contributed to several high-profile Open Source projects including Samba, WINE, Mozilla, and the Windows port of Perl.


Doolin Technologies, Ltd. June '02 – June ‘05

Heather Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18

Systems Architect

Although initially hired to design solutions for customers, particularly in the area of migration to Open Source systems, the small size of the company meant that I also implemented much of what I designed, and also worked on other in-house development projects for our primary customer. Projects in which I was involved included migrating a large Windows network to Samba on Linux without impacting users' access to same; design and implementation of a Linux-based vending machine; design and implementation of a Linux cluster hosting an Oracle database for use in a credit card processing system; and design and implementation of components in a larger project for a consortium of mobile phone operators, using Perl, PHP and MySQL on Linux systems. I also maintained the company's email and web servers and the office network.


Red Hat and SuSE Linux administration; Windows NT and 2000 administration; Perl, PHP, and MySQL development; Oracle, Samba, Apache, IMAP, Sendmail installation & maintenance.

euroConex Technologies, Ltd. April '01 – May '02

IDA Industrial Estate, Arklow, Co. Wicklow

Unix Systems Administrator

Although hired as a systems administrator, I made significant contributions to the in-house CRM system, in particular developing a Java front-end and an Oracle back-end for a document management system. I also built a Perl/Tk front-end for the development group's help desk system. In my administrative role I was responsible for the 24x7 operation of the Solaris 7 boxes which hosted the CRM system and associated data warehouse, and for developing, testing and deploying automated EFT feeds to and from external sites. During on-call periods I acted as first-line database administrator for the Oracle 8 systems.


Solaris 7 and Oracle iAS 8 installation and maintenance; Oracle 8i database administration; Java, JSP and Perl development.

Career Break September '00 - March '01

During this period I did some further research on Emacs customisations, Linux administration, Perl, and encryption technology. I also took over an Open Source project (BBDB, a contact manager for Emacs) and continued to maintain the Micromail website.

Stepstone, Ltd. May '00 – September '00

Regus House, Harcourt Road, Dublin 2, Ireland

Systems Administrator/Technology Consultant

I was initially responsible for migrating the office network from the Small Planet offices. This included specifying and purchasing equipment where necessary, cabling, setting up mail and file servers, etc. Once the network was up and running I was responsible for its day-to-day maintenance, in addition to which I researched Intel encryption hardware and source code management for the Stepstone Group as a whole. I also developed the Powered By Stepstone cross-branding system using iPlanet Application Server, which the company used to host its content on third-party websites.


NT, Windows 95/98, Mac OS 9 and Red Hat Linux administration; LAN configuration and maintenance; iPlanet AS development.

Small Planet, Ltd. January '99 – May '00

Prospect House, 1 Prospect Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland

Technical Director/Systems Administrator/Developer

As Technical Director I participated in board meetings pertaining to the operation of the company. My systems administration tasks included ensuring 24x7 operation of the JobFinder servers, configuring and maintaining the firewall (Checkpoint FW-1 on NT4.0), wiring and maintaining the company LAN, and specifying and purchasing hardware. Additionally I developed a content management system for Scope Communications' publications for use by the editorial staff. Small Planet Ltd. was sold to Stepstone, Ltd. in May 2000 and my transfer to Stepstone was one of the conditions of sale.


Solaris 2.6, Red Hat Linux, Window NT 4, Firewall-1 4, Mac OS 9, Oracle 7, Informix, and Cisco administration; C, C++, Perl and SQL development.

Scope Communications, Ltd. June '98 – December '98

Prospect House, 1 Prospect Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland

IT/Systems Manager

My duties at Scope initially involved basic systems administration of the company network, consisting of a large number of Macintoshes and two Solaris boxes. I assisted in the migration of the original JobFinder systems from Solaris 2.4 on Netra boxes to Solaris 2.6 on an Enterprise 450 and Windows NT on Intel hardware. I migrated all Macintoshes to Mac OS 8.6 and 9 and ensured software licensing compliance across the company network. I also developed software for the company's website, including all non-design aspects of the website for the TechTV television series on RTÉ. I set up Linux servers in the office, including an email/DNS/firewall and several file servers. In December 1998 the JobFinder portion of the company was spun off as Small Planet, Ltd., and I was appointed Technical Director of same.


Solaris 2.4 & 2.6, Red Hat Linux 5 and up, Mac OS 7.5 to 9, Oracle 7, and Cisco administration; C++, C, Perl and SQL development.

AutoDealing Software, Ltd/Cognotec July '96 – June '98

2-4 Ely Place, Dublin 2, Ireland

User Interface Manager (November '97 - June '98), Group/Project Leader (July '97 - November '97), Analyst/Programmer, July '96 - July '97

As an A/P, I developed AutoDealing's first Internet interface to their Foreign Exchange trading product, designing and building all components from the Java front-end through to the VMS-based back-end. I developed the encryption mechanism required to secure the transactions and assisted Baltimore Technologies in porting their encryption toolkit to VMS. I took part in sales demonstrations of the finished software, including handling technical queries from network security staff at various banks. As a Group/Project Leader, and later as UI Manager, I continued to work on the Java project, in addition to which I interviewed and hired staff who I was subsequently responsible for managing. I also assisted the company's systems administration group in administering the company mail and web servers.


Solaris 2.6 and Red Hat Linux administration; Cross-platform development in Java, C and Perl; Web site scripting in Perl.

Motorola (Ireland), Ltd. August '94 – June '96

Mahon Industrial Estate, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland.

Applications Programmer

I worked with a team of software developers to take over a project in Motorola's Swindon office and migrate it to the Cork office. As part of this migration I was responsible for managing the group's source code repository; in addition to this I developed several tools to assist developers, including a HTML interface to the corporate bug-tracking system. In the Cork office, I was assigned work on various areas of the project including an installer and some graphing components. Additionally, I operated as the group's system administrator and part-time database administrator.


Solaris (1 and up) and Informix installation and administration; C, X-Windows, Perl and SQL development; SCM using RCS, SCCS and ClearCase; Release management using in-house scripting.

Motorola (Ireland), Ltd. April '92 – December '92

Mahon Industrial Estate, Blackrock, Cork

Systems Administrator/Systems Programmer.

This employment was a mid-course placement as part of my University degree. I was given responsibility for maintaining the development network, including installation and maintenance of test and development servers and on-site customer support for Motorola's first GSM deployment. In addition to this, I developed a helpdesk for the systems administration group using an X-Windows front-end and an Oracle back-end.


Sun OS, Motorola SVR32/SVR4, Tandem Non-Stop UX and Informix administration; Sun OS development and Oracle development using C, X-Windows and embedded SQL.


I have run Linux systems for home use since 1995, largely Red Hat Linux from 4.x upward on a variety of self-assembled computers. I am sufficiently familiar with Linux systems to have successfully modified existing device drivers for wireless hardware and digital cameras. In my spare time I have written numerous programs and scripts for such things as automated RPM packaging of arbitrary code, interfacing to a variety of websites, and maintenance of both my own website and Micromail's which I have managed almost since its inception in 1995.


I graduated from the University of Limerick in 1994 with a II.1 Honours B. Eng degree in Computer Engineering, specialising in software. My college courses covered such subjects as Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Distributed Computing, Software Engineering, C, C++, Modula-2 and Assembly Language Programming. For my final year project I wrote an X-Windows sketchpad, which project combined Unix, C, X-Windows, PostScript and TeX into a sketchpad program.


Available on request. Please specify whether employment and/or personal references are required.