Your Name In Zhishi

Some years back, in a less-than-sober conversation with a chinese barmaid in Messrs, I had my name written down for me in Chinese. Kanji, or whatever you'd like to call 'em. This evening, being in the bar and all, I asked Jamie about the second of the two Kanji which I'd transcribed - I'd found a translation/crib for the first, and it was indeed "Rou", i.e. a reasonable approximation of the first syllable of my name. He looked at what I'd painstakingly transcribed, rewrote both Kanji on a Post-It pad, and said, "It's a very nice name for a girl."


"Wait, that's my name!"


"No, this is a girl's name. It says "Ronan", but it's a girl's name".

Alas, he was unable to dig up the masculine version in short order.