Pick Me

As in _Alice In Wonderland_ and the instructively labelled objects.

Our office is in a state of flux. It does that quite a bit. The current part of the flux is painting, but what I'm here to talk about today is the previous piece of flux.

The previous piece of flux involved building a kitchenette on the second floor - we occupy floors two, three and four of our building - so that those of us on the second floor wouldn't waste valuable time crawling up two flights of stairs to get to the coffee. The kitchenette, such as it is, is occupied by a sink, some cupboards, a water cooler and The Automatic Kettle That Isn't.

When they installed the sink, they took the nearest available source of water to patch their piping into, which happened to be a toilet. Now, for obvious reasons, this involved removing some panels from the wall, exposing the plumbing. And a ground wire, and a few bits and pieces of construction debris, and so on. They hooked up their pipes, and off they went.

Leaving the panels removed. Specifically, leaving one of the panels leaning against the wall next to the toilet.

These panels are plywood affairs, covered in little two-inch square beige tiles. And this particular panel was missing a corner tile due to the manhandling involved in removing it, which left nice little edges.

Which scream "pick me! pick me!" while you sit there contemplating the wall. Or the panel. Or life.

So far I've managed to resist. But I just noticed that someone else isn't quite as strongwilled. Three more tiles are now missing from the panel, exposing a larger area of tiles willing me to pick them! pick them!

If you'll excuse me for a moment...