A Spooky Story

This is taken almost verbatim from an email I sent a friend describing a disturbing experience in December 1995. I have no further comment or explanation beyond what's below. For reference, Orla is the girl I was going out with at the time.

Okay. This is REALLY spooky.

On Saturday night, we were walking back to my place just after midnight (our last night in my place, as it happens). I was telling Orla about me walking down this street in rainy weather and two girls were standing in the doorway over <points> THERE and were giggling at poor wet me walking past and then a car came along and soaked them. At this stage we had passed by the house and Orla seemed to be looking at the doorway still. I looked back and saw the house behind it - a big-ish house, obviously abandoned. It looked a bit odd, with high windows and lots of blank wall and skinny tall chimney pots. Anyway, I said "Gosh, that house looks spooky" and instantly regretted it because Orla is a lot more, well, sensitive to strange things. Sure enough, Orla took one look at the house and got a majorly bad feeling from it. At that moment, so did I - like as if Orla channeled something or amplified it for me. We walked rather quickly the rest of the way back to my place and went to bed. While we were lying there talking, Orla got another dose of bad vibes and I got it too. Orla says as well she saw three bright flashes, almost like lightening. I saw one of those later on. I had a horribly oppressive feeling and every time I closed my eyes I was getting these terrible images of people in pain and all sorts of nasty shit that I'd rather not see again. Orla said something then about protecting everyone she knew - something she got from her mum, who's sensitive too - by thinking about them with a golden haze about them. Believe it or not, I could feel the effects of this - things got better. Eventually Orla nodded off. Then I kept getting recurring "attacks" of the oppressive feeling and the bad images - and here's the really scary thing: it was from outside that I was getting these images. I've had bad images before and it's always been something I can tell myself is just my imagination run riot, simply because the images are fuzzy and badly defined, and there's no sort of fear attached. This was different. I could see these images clearly, and something there told me that I wasn't generating them myself. And the clincher (for me, anyway) was that *between* the attacks, I was thinking about the house with no bad feeling at all.

We had a chat with Orla's sister yesterday about it - she's more sensitive than Orla - and we came to the conclusion that something really bad must have happened in the house, and what ever stuff - I dunno, spirits, souls, say what you will - was left over was trying to get through to us.

Very scary. Not something I'd like to happen to me again in a hurry.

Waider I have no joke here.