Conversational Snippets

[Saturday, Coffee]

Waider: Do you have hassle getting into nightclubs with those sneakers, Cliffy?
Cliffy: No, not usually.

[Saturday, late, Leeson Street]

Bouncer: Sorry, can't let you in, too casual. Sneakers.
Waider & Cliffy: Aw crap.
JoeV: <looks at self> And they were going to let *me* in?

[Saturday, later, Slapperface Jacks]

JoeV: I'll give you a fiver if they let us in here.
Bouncer: Down the stairs, gents.
Waider: That's a fiver you owe me. You can pay my entry fee.
JoeV: Uhn, I was, uh, joking.

[Office, Tuesday]

Waider: Tony, I can't seem to find any manuals for the HP router downstairs.
Tony: Funny thing, neither could I. You know, I checked the HP website for info on it, too, and it's not listed anywhere.
Waider: Woah, spooky. Maybe it doesn't really exist.
Tony: Maybe we built it in-house.

[Office, shortly afterwards]

Waider: Hey, scary. It's not showing up on the network either...
twilight zone music

[Nerdsholm, Tuesday]

AjD says, "how embarassing. one of the people buried in the tomb of the unknown soldiers is known after all."
AjD says, "maybe they can chop up the bones so that they can't be identified. i mean, it's an embarassment to anonymity!"
AjD says, "how can you be unknown if you end up known anyway? it's absurd."