Waider does SF

Here are the photos from my SF trip; you can also read my SF 2000 trip report. Alas, I'm still being confounded by the automatic features of my digicam, such as autofocus (see the "Woz Way" shot) and auto-shutter-speed (the very first picture is slightly blurred). Still, this gives you a rough idea what I was up to from November 29 to December 16. Some of the photos were taken with the game Midtown Madness 2 in mind, which will be obvious to people who've played the game. Pictures on the right are screenshots from MM2. Oh, and you can see the photos that my brother took in California as well.

 Meredith poses in front of her computer.
 Half Moon Bay, a picturesque beach south of SF.
 The Golden Gate Bridge, driver's eye view
 Meredith poses on the Marin County end of the bridge.
 That's San Francisco just at the top of the fog. Honest.
 Looking down on the bay from Mount Tamalpais, or "Mount Tam" as the locals call it.
 More bay. Should be attached to previous photo.
 Driving down the twisty part of Lombard. Note the sign. 
 Approaching the Transamerica Pyramid from Vallejo Street.
 Alcatraz as seen from Pier 45. 
 The view from Meredith's balcony.
 Grace Cathedral. Note the building towering behind it. 
 A random shot from Nob Hill. You can just make out the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.
 The Hyatt Regency hotel, the fountain that Bono spraypainted, and far too many palm trees for me to get a clear photo. 
 Looking down the Embarcadero at piers 1, 3 and 2 respectively. Why? I have no idea. 
 The Ferry Port, and yet another bloody palm tree. 
 A helpful sign. The other side of the building has a similar arrow pointing skyward, reading "Sky".
 Museum of Modern Art, Yerba Buena gardens plaza sort of thing, and a funny-looking building. 
 No comment, except that this was in the Metreon Centre.
 The Moscone Convention Centre. 
 If you squint, you can see the fire truck racing down Market. I wasn't close enough, really.
 A web-kiosk-in-progress at the DNA Lounge
 You can't see it. The bumper stickers (right hand side) are "Eire" and "Clare".
 Morrisa and nj's ball of fun, Fizgig.
 Martian landscape at pebble beach
 More martians
 Still more martians, and water.
 ...and more...
 "It's a nice rock. I thought I'd take a picture of it."
 Coit Tower, from the Embarcadero
 Coit Tower, from the twisty part of Lombard 
 Beware of SCUBA-equipped cows, I guess.
 A wooden cat-relative (puma?) climbs a tree to get to a wooden eagle that's out of focus.
 We drove through this tree. I wasn't impressed.
 Waider and Meredith prepare to party. We should've doused a few of the lights, though.
 Palace Of Fine Arts. They built a bunch of this stuff in 1916 or so, then tore it all down again. 
 Too Much Waider. Also too much camera shake.
 Meredith plays with soap bubbles.
 You can't see it #2: The cross-street sign reads "Woz Way".
 Funny as this is, too much of the stuff at The Tech Museum was in this condition.
 No comment on this, either. San Jose.
 You can just about read it. It's that friendly "Abort, Retry, Fail?" message. From The Exploratorium.
 The two-inch-long purple scar in the picture is, in fact, a three-foot-long electrical arc. The Exploratorium again.
 Lots of people looking at a bubble that just burst. D'oh.
 The Bay Bridge, as seen from a ferry boat.
 Broadway, the C/B block axis at Alcatraz.
 B/A block axis at Alcatraz. Looks pretty much like Broadway from this angle.
 My sister and her boyfriend behind bars. Alas, I couldn't get the door closed.
 Alcatraz. The cellblock is on top, with the lighthouse; the dock is underneath Building 64 in the foreground of the picture.
 You can't read it #3: It's a sign telling you just how bad it is to help someone escape from Alcatraz. I can't believe I missed it.
 The Rock recedes into the fog. The boat, however, is sharply in focus.
 Paul and Waider promote an unidentified CD. For varying values of "promote".
 Daddyo reclines. He does that a lot.
 Iceberg looks jumpy. He does that a lot, too.
 You can't see it, #4: Moodily-lit shot of the ocean as I fly home.
 You can't see it, #5: Another of the same.
 Dawn breaks.