Construction Work

Once upon an email discussion, Dave said:

> Who's policing a dark, smelly anatomy lab at 0200?

To which I replied:

                                 lack of 
                              these patrols
                              in my college
                           led to a collection
                           of towering pyramid
                        structures arising during
                        the wee hours of any exam
                     week. The college had a load of
                     alleged ‘furniture’ items which
                  were essentially plywood boxes, about
                  3'x3'x2', covered in this ugly bright
               orange fuzzy material, presumably so they'd
               be far too highly visible to get ‘borrowed’
            by students. (This aspect of their design did not
            work, by the way; most students can and will snag
         anything that's not nailed down - and anything that can
         be prised up is not nailed down (who said this?). James
      and I once constructed a pyramid from these that went all the 
      way up the ceiling. In fact, we built it so tall, we couldn't
   stand the last box up as we'd done with the others; instead, we had
   to lay it flat. It required us to make several trips to fetch boxes
including taking one up in the lift. You can get away with bringing about
ANYTHING in a lift, as long as you behave as if (a) it's perfectly normal
and (b) it's nothing to do with you. The UberPyramid was pretty neat, but
after a while some random idiot/s knocked the entire thing to the ground.

Waider "There's a lot we don't know about pyramids."
-- Bren