short term memory

My cellphone, an Ericsson SH888, can display a message of my choice when I power it up. For a while, I had it set to

LILO: linux

Which, I must confess, made me laugh out loud the first time I 'rebooted' the phone after I'd set the message. I'd forgotten I'd done it, see?

So recently, I changed the message to read Bus error., and then I gave my phone an accidental beer wash, requiring a trip to the House of Phone Repairage. And I got my phone fixed, and powered it on, and up came:

Bus error.

And I had a moment of panic before I realised, "oh yeah, that's what I set the startup message to."


March 2001: JC suggested I set my startup message to "All Your Base Are Belong To Us!", in keeping with a recent widespread meme.
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