A World Of Hurt

More from the DSPsrv. Bob is one of the gang, and particularly conducive to bouts of silliness and drink. I'm the one who breaks easily.

From: Ronan Waide
To: dspsrv
Subject: [DspSrv] remains of the day

Or, injuries sustained in the course of a day with Bob.

Location         Injury           Cause
Left forearm,    Abrasions, some  Tree climbing, failed attempt.
right upper arm. broken skin

Left hip         Large bruise     Spectacular failure to kerb-climb
                                  with skateboard.

Left knuckles    Severe bruising  Attempting to deflect a pint of
                                  Guinness that Bob was swinging at

Wallet           Untold damage    Basic weakness when faced with

Waider. Typing is painful right now.