In which I travel to Biel (Switzerland), Haarlem (The Netherlands) and, unexpectedly, Helsinki (Finland). More detail when I get around to writing it up.

 A Tower In Biel
 The Same Tower In Biel
 Nice Codpiece
 JC startled by a camera
 JoeV and JC at the barbie
 Traditional Barbie Activities: sucking teeth, pointing, drinking beer.
 F1 Pundits. Spot the alcoholic.
 F1 Pundits again.
 Happy Couples in the Kitchen
 There is a blimp in this photo, honest.
 Oh for a telephoto lens. More blimp.
 An archway in Amsterdam. The archway is crooked, not the photographer.
 The Dutch National Monument. I am making no jokes.
 Part of the area surrounding the monument in Dam Square.
 More of the area. I think this is the city hall. (Alan says, "The big building on Dam used to be the Town Hall, but now it's the Queen's official residence ('cept she ain't a fan of Amsterdam so she lives in Huis ten Bosch in Den Haag).")
 And more. I have no idea why there are banners around the church saying "Mexico". (Alan says, "...the signs saying Mexico on the Church were for an exhibition of Mexican native arts and crafts.")
 This is part of a three-photo panorama that I will build when I, uh, get around to it.. Actually, all hail catbear, who kindly produced the Church Panorama and an idea of what it might look like after a trip to a coffee shop...
 This is the second part.
 And this is the third.
 Amsterdam summed up: A canal, bicycles, an old building, and a coffee shop. Oh, and this is not far from the red light district.
 No idea what this building is, either. I was merely doing my duty as a tourist.
 This looks kinda like the Clock Gate in Youghal.
 This has variously been a city gate, armoury, garrison, and (currently) a restaurant.
 Even the train station is an impressive old building.
 You get into this cathedral in Haarlem via an old shop attached to the far side of it.
 Are you lookin' at me?
 Get a haircut, you damned hippy! This is me watching Ireland playing Cameroon.
 Happy Couple in Haarlem
 This is proof that I came home via Helsinki.