Progressive Hair

Randomly updated shots of my inability to decide what to do with my hair.

Yes, this is me. Aged 4, serving as a pageboy at a wedding. Knickerbocker trousers, white knee-socks, patent leather shoes with big silver buckles, frill down the front of my white shirt, and a bow tie. Oh, and cokebottle glasses, absent here for some reason. The hair was a bit of a Beatles/pudding-bowl cut.
September 1991
Obviously I've a big gap to fill in once I get around to scanning photos. This is from my second student card, or perhaps my first in which case the date is 1990. Note the hair foreshadows Cameron Diaz in "There's Something About Mary", although I seem to recall using actual hair gel.
This picture used live on one of my older websites captioned "Waider in the '60s"; some guy mailed me to ask me how old I actually was after seeing it. It was taken during a weekend in Dublin, some time in mid-to-late 1992. Headband from Sweden, glasses from a pound shop, silly grin from cider.
August 1994
Looking slightly more respectable at my graduation, albeit with more hair. I actually had a very short haircut at the end of 1992, after which I left it grow out again.
August 1995
Probably my all-time longest, and certainly messiest, hair. This was at HOTT.BOB, where I briefly became a guitar-totin' god - well, long enough for Kristen to shoot this picture, anyway. Note that that's just over 2 and a half years of growth. My hair is like kudzu.
Late 1995
...or possibly early 1996. I got my hair cut one weekend and scared the living daylights out of my cow orkers on the next workday. I had about 18 inches taken off, for what it's worth.
From 1996 to 1999 I went for progressively shorter haircuts, as is obvious from this shot taken at Alan and Megan's barbeque in 1998.
January 1999
This was taken shortly before I decided to grow my hair out again. At this point I was getting a number 2 razor at the back, and a short cut on top.
July 1999
This is from the the second DSP Gathering where both myself and Brian P. Casey decided to dress up some. You can see that the hair's already making a bid for freedom.
Autumn 1999
I think this was either before or after the Golden Spiders awards in 1999, when us Jobfinder folks walked off with a Spider of our own.
Late 1999
I really should datestamp pictures when I take them. At this point, less than a year on, my hair is fit to be tied back again in the style of ponytail I once heard referred to as "a dork knob", i.e. one of those fiddly little things at the nape of your neck.
November 1999
The only surviving picture from my trip to Honduras in 1999 (I accidentally nuked the rest). Note the hippy vibe from 1992 still hasn't quite been exorcised.
January 2000
Taken at the post-post-millennial party, clearly illustrating the tangled mess that my hair turns into if I don't at least get it trimmed every once in a while.
November 2002
This is a photo which I sent to someone to illustrate my, uh, self. The hair's about five months post-haircut (illustrated here: hair cut, July 2002).
December 2002
Having thus grown it out, I cut it all off again. Some of my female friends expressed dismay, curiously enough, despite having never said anything prior to that about the state of my head.