Ralph:how d'you take your coffee?
Waider:Black, no sugar. Student coffee.
Ralph:same way as JC's keyboard, then!
Waider:*much laughter*

See, I used share a room with JC in college, and JC had an Olivetti 286 that Ralph and I used occasionlly borrow for hacking on. Ar, we were poor, but we were HAPPY, etc. Anyway, we also had a toastie maker and a kettle in the room, because the last thing you want to do when you're hacking is go downstairs and do the whole food-and-drink routine. Oh, and no pissant 100g jars for us; we'd buy the 500g jars, being the nearest thing to industrial drums we could get while still getting coffee you'd actually want to drink. And one day, in an incident involving tricksy fingers, a good 250g of instant coffee powder found its way into the keyboard on the Olivetti.

Of course, we poured most of it back in the jar, but forever after the keyboard was a bit squidgy and smelled WONDERFUL.

Hey John, did we ever tell you about this?