Who cares for the guy
at the end of the bar
He won't last long
and he won't go far
He's destined to drown
in the tears of his past
destined for nothing
yet destined to last

Who cares for the man
at the back of the queue
well, it couldn't be me
and it couldn't be you
but he's lost and unowned
and he's standing alone
and he's both of us joined
in a world of his own

  Who cares for the drunk
lying down on the street
He's had so much sauce
he no longer has feet
He's not our concern
as we wander on by
as we search for distractions
for both of our eyes

I'll care for that man
I'll have a kind word
Buy him a drink
In his own fucked-up world
I'll bear with his slurring
his stink and his stare
and come tomorrow
I'll be drinking there

Inspired by another night in Messrs. Maguire. Yes, those are the original two verses in the photo.

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