Name my "~"

So, as a result of an interviewing experience, I asked my friends,

"How would you describe, to someone who doesn't know, what a tilde is? Bonus points if you don't diagram it in any way."

Here are the suggestions:

Dermot McGahon
  1. It's the squigelly thing obviously...
  2. The symbol for approximately might twig it ??
Brendan Vaughan
  1. Hmm...the top half of an approximatly equal to sign?
  2. Looks like a sorta S turned 90 degrees clockwise?
  3. An elongated sine wave?
  4. Looks like a quiff??
  5. The dividing line of a ying yang turned 90 degrees clockwise?
  6. Take a bra, turn one cup up and one cup down...there you are?
  7. Look lengthways at the first 2 channels of a corrugated sheet?
  8. That button wither on the top left or right of the main panel of your keyboard...or perhaps beside the return key??
Conor "Bob" Foley
  1. its SHIFT + # = ~

He also added, "tell them just to accept it."

BP "Setanta" Casey
  1. The winner from my office was "ASCII 126".

So now you know.