Mozilla Patches

RDF looks like a fun area to work in! (26-5-98)

modules/rdf/hist2rdf.h, Rev
modules/rdf/hist2rdf.c, Rev

Additional changes by rjc to assorted files based partly on a bug I tracked down in RDF/HT interaction.

I am beginning to understand the phrase "code complexity". (20/05/98)

cmd/xfe/mozilla.c, Rev 3.6

Yay! I fixed something! (18/05/98)


cmd/xfe/forms.c, Rev 3.4

First attempt (10/05/98)

From: Ramiro Estrugo <>
Newsgroups: netscape.public.mozilla.patches
Subject: Re: current CVS dump has link error?
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 11:32:57 -0700
Organization: Netscape

Ronan Waide wrote:
> A red herring. Here's a patch to network/main/mkabook.cpp to fix this:
> diff -r1.1 mkabook.cpp
> 39a40
> > #ifdef MOZ_MAIL_NEWS
> 50c51
> <
> ---
> > #endif
> Cheers,
> Waider.
> --

yes, thats it. its being fixed as we speak...


Well, okay, looking at the subsequent code updates they actually fixed the problem elsewhere.