Where's Waider?

These are the four camera views provided by the webcams in Messrs. Maguire, without the crappy frames that are on the Official Site[tm]. I'd make the page update every thirty seconds, but the images seem to be undatestamped so your mileage will vary pretty heavily. Probably best to Shift-Reload or something. The cameras also seem to go offline occasionally, or at least stop updating.

UPDATE 2003: The cameras finally seem to have died, as does Messrs. Maguire's official website. Shame, that.

The OfficeCam
This is on the top floor pointing out over the Liffey. Depending on whether or not the window's open, you may get a view of O'Connell Bridge, or the buildings on the opposite quay.

Waider Probability: small. you might see me coming from my bus towards the pub.
Ground Floor
This is above the food area in the ground floor bar, pointing out over the bar towards the main staircase and one of the main doors. Projection TV occasionally visible on the top right.

Waider Probability: slightly better, although I usually don't drink down here unless the rest of the bar is too crowded. On Saturday mornings, I may appear on the bottom left as I queue for food to revive my drink-ravaged body.
The Library
This is actually pretty close to the regular DSP drinking spot. We're usually around the other side, down on the mezzanine. However, when "our" seats are taken, we occasionally wind up in this section.

Waider Probability: Reasonable; depends on the day and the crowd. Most likely to be here on Saturdays when lunching.
The Basement
This is down in the dungeon, pointing towards the spot where the trad session sets up on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. It can be seen from other angles in the photos from JC's quitting-my-job drinks.

Waider Probability: Pretty good. I tend to drink in the basement more frequently of late, albeit over by the bar (off-camera); however, I have been known to play a song with the trad guys and occasionally drink in the corner the camera's pointing at.