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Being The Geekly Diary of Waider
(may contain traces of drinking, movies, and sport)
May 24
Bullet Train was fun, but not quite as much fun as the book. Everything in the movie is Chekov's Gun; some are actual guns, others apparently innocuous objects until the point at which their significance becomes apparent. After a few rounds of this you start looking out for things that may turn up later. The ending is a little bit too silly; I guess they wanted their big set-piece destruction of iconic object.

May 23
Funny: finding a crowd's-eye-view recording of U2's Save the Yuppie concert in San Francisco and discovering their zero-practice cover of All Along The Watchtower isn't quite as good as you'd be led to believe by the Rattle and Hum recording.

May 17
The Mule was a bit slow but kinda fun and then... I dunno. It felt like they didn't know how to end it, so the ending was just this sort of flat fade-out kinda thing. Disappointing.

May 16
Oof. Doing some fiddling about and accidentally did this: rm -rf /Volumes/video/Movies\ from\ DVDs/. Caught it after it had only deleted about 60 movies, and fortunately that's the output directory from the processing I'm doing.

Also fortunately the current fiddling about is essentially an idempotent "did I rip this?" sort of thing so it should be able to fill in the missing bits.

May 14
Work project launched today. It was supposed to be yesterday but (handwaving gestures). To celebrate (actually entirely coincidentally) we had a company night out at Kylemore Karting wherein I made it into the last slot in the A final (five best qualifiers), shouldered my way into fourth place through a bit of luck and a bit of rough driving, and then skidded on a corner and wound up at an angle I couldn't drive out of. By the time the marshal got to me to set me back on the right line, I'd lost a lap so I wound up finishing as I'd started: fifth.

May 12
I was puzzled about why my TV-guide-scraping toy hadn't picked up that there's a new season of Doctor Who. Turns out that what was previously posted as Season 14 is in fact Season 1 of a new sequence? (rolls eyes, goes poking at code)

May 11
Looper was ok. Seems like it stole a bunch of ideas from various movies and sort of glommed them together and hoped the cast would carry the movie. I don't understand how this has such a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes (93% as of now).

May 10
Things are a little hectic at the moment for work-related reasons, but we did take the time to watch The Crow from the ripped DVD collection. Two observations: the DLNA player built into the 2010 Panasonic Viera is an absolute pile of shit which I suspect was the bare minimum required to get DLNA certification; and I seem to have the "cut for the squeamish" version of this movie. I do have a boxed edition so I'll check if there are other less-cut titles on it. Oh, I can do that easily now because the discs have been ripped to a filesystem, so I don't need to find out where the physical copies are. Woohoo!

May 06
DVD ripping lesson for the day: when dvdbackup says "Title Set 4", go look at what titles are in title set 4, don't try to rip title 4. Obvious and yet ... not.

Oh, and "Region Coding Enhancement".

May 05
Gorky Park holds up pretty well for its age. Basically a decent murder mystery.

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