Northish view from the apartment balcony
Private sun-deck!
The Seattle Art Museum (under renovation)
Southish view. My office isn't far from the clock tower in the distance.
Helicopter chase, or something. These three flew around the Needle and down over the city in close proximity.
Southish view from the Space Needle
More southish view from the Needle
And another southish view from the Needle
The Experience Music Project / Sci-Fi Museum from the Needle
The Space Needle itself
Space Needle from another angle
Me, Broenwynn and Donal (taken by bar tap)
Me, Broenwynn and Donal (taken by barman)
Looking South or Southwest from the Edmonds/Kingston ferry
I think this may have amused me, or something. Edmonds/Kingston Ferry
Probably North from the Edmonds/Kingston ferry
Grafitti at Fort Worden
Whidbey Island from Fort Worden
Gun Emplacement at Fort Worden
Cover shot for my brother's next album...
I accidentally shoot my foot. Damned camera timer.
The sign I was trying to shoot. The funny part was the guys climbing around inside the fog horn.
Whidbey Island
Paper Mill at Port Townsend, or maybe a cloud factory.
Port Townsend
Port Townsend
Looking down at a lost traffic cone from Deception Pass bridge
Deception Pass, looking west
Deception Pass, west, other side of the inlet
Deception Pass, east
Seattle skyline taken from I-5
Damned tree! I-5 again.
Space Needle from I-5.