Scope celebrating the sale of Jobfinder to Stepstone. At some point in the proceedings, someone discovered first the multishot button on the camera, and then the "small picture" button. I have to say that the multishot is the most useless feature of the camera to date.

 Waider and Miriam
 John Collins waves from the distance.
 Most of the gang.
 Diarmuid and pint. Constant companions.
 Vanessa, Grainne and Louise
 The essentials: beer, coffee and icecream.
 Editorial and Marketing get cosy.
 "Let us bow our heads and pray..."
 Mark Egan, startled.
 Scope Communications Formation Dance Team
 "You may have a bigger glass, but I've got more alcohol!"
 Paul Healy gets down with his bad self.
 ...and then gets down with some other bad selves.
 Is there no stopping this man?
 Mark enjoys an alleged "beer"
 Girls' corner, Paulo in attendance
 "We're MAD BASTARDS, us!"
 Audrey and Kate doing "Vogue"
 The still unstoppable Mr. Healy
 ...and more...
 ...and more...
 Orla leads the masses in Macarena
 I bet you thought this died out two years ago.
 Someone finds the Multishot button on the camera...
 ...nope, still multishot...
 ...and still..., how DO you turn it off?
 no, really.
 "Customer Support loves YOU!"
 damned multishot again
 ...and then we went to Leeson Street
 ...where we had "champagne"... the barrel...
 Ok, by the bottle.
 The guys at the back aren't with us.
 Heck, not all of us are with us.
 a friendly huddle in the corner of the floor
 End of night: The survivors (the guys)
 End of night: The survivors (the girls)