Office Christmas Party 2001 which we took McCreddin Village by storm, overran the Brook Lodge Hotel, and had a post-party party back in Aughrim. A great time was had by all, some more than others...

 Mark O'Donnell, life and soul of the party
 Shyam says, "It's all about ME."
 Santosh hides behind his camera
 Thomas and Waider enjoying aArthur's finest
 John presents Santosh with a candle.
 John welcomes us all to the show. Who's the berk waving in the background?
 I'm sure there's a reason for Eric to have a tree on his head, but I've no idea what it is.
 John insists he's only had four. Pints, gallons, whatever.
 Kay Salami: Extreeeeeeme closeup!
 Eddie Ryan takes a break from kissing winners to mop his feverish brow.
 John gets funky on the dancefloor
 Rob Grant, in profile
 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
 Whole Lot More Shakin' Goin' On
 Grant and Rob sharing an alleged beer.
 At this point, John was climbing the furniture...
 Eddie wasn't keeping still long enough to stay in frame. Honest.
 John Cassidy: Extreeeeeeme closeup!