Again with the partying at Messrs. Maguire, although this is the quietest I've seen it in the last couple of years. Our prime activity for the night was to make a Red Bull bottle float.

 We made a big bunch of balloons.
 No, a BIG bunch.
 Then the engineering started.
 More balloons were required.
 Am I holding the bottle UP or BACK?
 It appears I was holding it BACK.
 Well, okay. We didn't quite make it fly. We did get close, though.
 We also tried to do silly things with it.
 Mostly in defiance of gravity.
 Here's our buoyancy system again
 Evidently, I'm not the subject of this photo.
 "You talkin' to me?"
 I suspect Ralph took this himself.
 About to leave
 Again, I am not the subject of this photo.