JC quits Software Paths

December 19th, 2000: JC and workmates and, of course, a few DSPs have an evening in the pub to commemorate JC's ex-job.

 Martin, the guitarist.
 White People Can't Dance, #1
 Mmmm, plain!
 Get a haircut, you bloody hippie!
 White People Can't Dance, #2
 Hard Man Drinks Beer, Chews Matchstick
 This has to be "Fairytale of New York" right?
 "What's wrong with this camera? ... oops. Nothing. "
 JC unwraps one of several very apt gifts.
 Scary Joe
 There's a joke about the blind leading the blind here, I'm sure.
 AAAAH! Bright shirt!
 Waider and Beer, two great, er, eh, nevermind.
 Joe arranges his drinks in alphabetical order.
 Diarmuid's so smooth, he's got his hand on his OWN leg.
 Oh oh. He's on the Jameson. Fetch a bucket.
 Two of JC's buddies sing. Shame they forgot half the words.
 When posing for photo, do NOT spill beer.
 JC squared
 White People Can't Dance #3.
 White People Can't Dance #4
 The inimitable mister Vaughan.
 James demonstrates his incredible charisma by getting a random blonde in the photo with him.
 The random blonde has a friend, too!