JC's Leaving Bash, April 19, 2001

So. JC's leaving the country for a year, to live with his SO in Switzerland. We had a hell of a send-off party; alas, the camera encountered the floor at some point and broke the battery casing which pretty much put an end to the picture-taking - you try holding a camera together AND taking a photo when you're having difficulty standing up unassisted - before people had gotten drunk enough to do anything really stupid. But heck, here's what happened up 'til then.

 Laura, JC, Gemma and Annette
 Almost Bob
 Pete, Ralph, Christine and Gemma
 The elusive Mister Dunbar
 Waider returning with more beer (background) Laura, Treasa and Genie (foreground)
 "Oh look! A camera!"
 "Take another photo!"
 "Oopsy! I didn't mean that!"
 "If I pose here, you can take a photo of the girls behind me... ooops!"
 Pat, dapper as ever
 Overhead shot of JC, Megan and Ralph
 JoeV counts something for an enraptured Bob
 "Okay, Genie, one more photo"
 Laura, Treasa and Pat. Rob and Natalia in the background.
 Cliffy looking suitably contrite for camera damage.