I've rushed these onto the site (only took me seven years) in order to placate the people who've been hounding me for them for the last few hours. Captions and a few more pix to follow.

I've tried to name everyone I can identify in every picture. This may include distinguishing bodyparts, although I believe plord kept his pants on all weekend while in sight of cameras. The same could not be said for Doctor Strychnine who "treated" us to the naked variant of the Cthulhu dance.

Sorry if I got your name wrong, or misspelled it, or accused you of being present at one of the best parties I've ever been to when you were in fact not there at all. Mail me and I'll fix it.


  Lockhart; facing away, left to right: Ryan J. Franklin, Unknown, Soren, Jonathan Cohen, and two unidentifieds beyond him. People I (claim to have) photographed:
Andrew Solberg
Anthony Garcia
Arthur J. Delano, Jr.
Bill Coderre
Brett Somers
Brian Rapp
Bryan O'Sullivan
C. J. Silverio
Caitlin Burke
Chris Adams
Christine Haggarty
Clifton Royston
Corprew Reed
Dan Haggarty
Dan Johnson
Derrick Williams
Diane Fitrakis
Ed Gaillard
Eric Scheirer
Gary Heston
Genevieve Williams
Glen G. Walker
Greg Seidman
Huck Kennedy
Ilana Stern
James Woodyatt
Jenine Abarbanel
John Fitrakis
Johnathan Vail
Jonathan K. Cohen
Julian Waldby
Kaite McGrew
Kate McDonnell
Kelly J. Cooper
Kevin Tatroe
Kristen Anciewiz
Lance Norskog
Lockhart Horsburgh
Markian Gooley
Matt Marchese
Melissa Litwicki
Michele Grant
Mike DeLong
Morrisa Sherman
Narcisso Jaramillo
Nathan Torkington
Paul Egli
Paul Lord
Paul Vader
Pete Evans
Ron Echeverri
Ryan J. Franklin
Sam Bushell
Scott Dorsey
Soren Ragsdale
Stevi Deter
Thomas Colthurst
Tom Boutell
Yong-Mi Kim
Zed Lopez
Zvi Gilbert
Ryan J. Franklin, bc, Soren, Kelly J. Cooper?, Jonathan Cohen, Christine Haggarty, two unidentifeds, Crisper (anorak!), Jade, 5150, Zed, and unknown.
Stevi. I was so excited I couldn't hold the camera steady, apparently.
Thomas Colthurst, Millionaire
Dan Haggarty, Crisper, and bc. Background: Diane Fitrakis, unidentified, Soren, John Fitrakis
Diane?, Unidentifed, John Fitrakis, Ryan J. Franklin, Soren, The Guy Who I Keep Failing To Identify, Zed, Genevieve, jsam, Kate, and I'd bet the guy behind Kate is Gary Heston, since the shot is taken near a fire drum.
kEvin, HWRNMNBSOL and Zvi, with plord stalking purposefully on the left.
Tom and Michele, custodians of COOL STUFF. Background: jv, Diane, either Clifton or the Designated Drunk, and Christine Haggarty
5150. Background: Several unidentified. Possibly including pegli.
Tom Boutell receives a box of Atari goodies! Good for you if you identify the chin; the hand is corprew's.
bc and Cindy
Kristen, Pete?, and Stevi
agarcia and HWRNMNBSOL.
eds, Kelly J. Cooper, Lockhart; seated: Ilana, unidentified head, unidentified hand.
BoyMozart and Strychnine, possibly j.j's shoulder in the middle.
Morrisa helps Strychnine - although it's not clear in which direction - unidentified hands/head, hand, foot, feet.

At this point I get haphazard. This photo contains: Gooley, Derrick, Johnathan Vail, Ferret, and Thomas Colthurst.
Woof. Not a hope. AjD, Mike DeLong, jv (or maybe pegli), j.j, ilana, brett, Tom Boutell, Lockhart, jsam, Genevieve, Zvi, and some unidentified body parts.
yong-mi, Tom Boutell, Mike DeLong, Julian Waldby, Anthropohedron?
These pics all have approximately the same content, since we all gave cameras to the bikes guy and he took lots of the same photo.
The list is something like this:
Waider, Mike DeLong, kate, Eileen, Yong-Mi, Derrick, Matt Marchese, Ilana, Genevieve, Zvi, jsam, brett, Tom Boutell, Julian Waldby, Zed, Paul Vader, j.j, AjD, Lockhart, Glen G. Walker, and, um, anyone else who was on the bike run. Loons.
Eileen & Waider at a rest stop on the trail.
Waider again, with Eileen, Matt Marchese, and some others in the background.
Most of the same people in the list above, also I notice eds who may not have been in the group shots above. And I think I can make out plord's distinctive shade of hair.
We reached the top. Mike DeLong points at the view. Elevation: 9500 feet. We started at 8000.
Coming into Taos. No idea who's ahead of me.
An over-the-shoulder Tom Boutell photer
Lockhart, unknown (plord?), Julian, Paul Vader, Brett
Standing: cj, Ed Gaillard, Zvi, Paul; Near: Squirty; Far: Unidentified arm, pegli, Dan Haggarty, unidentified, unidentified
Mystery Figure.
Lance and plord standing; squirty foreground; jkcohen and corprew background. One unidentified head.
Anthropohedron, Genevieve, and plord, plus some random hippies we met.
a random hippy does the fire-juggling thing.
More impossibility. brett, bc, ilana, Pope Clifton, Zed, Bryan, Caitlin, Ferret, Tom Boutell, Becky... the original photo also has kludge out in the shadows on one side.
ktatroe, kaitem, stevi, gnat, jsam, Bryan, Caitlin, plord, corprew
Strychnine, Paul Vader, and Matt Marchese
Paul Vader, Anthropohedron, Dana, Ryan J. Franklin. The shoulder is Julian's.
Dan and Jade, plus Others.
The Bride & Groom asked that there be no figurines on the cake. There were figurines on the cake.
Anvils AHOY!

j.j, Zed, Anthorophedron, ktatroe, Gooley, bc, genevieve, stevi, plord's hair, distant unidentified threesome.
plord compares hair to car
plord's hair is obvious; not much else is. We played frisbee with a dog here.
j.j. is centre stage, Michele, Becca, Chris Adams?, possibly Kate (mostly obscured), Tom Boutell, and Anthropohedron to the right. Jade is at the back, jsam is in the foreground, and I've no idea who the prone body is. Or the other guy.
plord floating above the crowd, which includes kate, and may include Ed Gaillard.
Jamming! Yong-Mi, Caitlin, Starcap'n Ra, Waider, pegli, nj, bc; three unidentified foreground, I'm drawing a blank on the guy on the left (who is in several other photos too).
Tom Boutell and unidentified others.

Kodak prints from some generic ASA-100 film, developed a month or two after the event and then left to sit - at some point with added water - for seven years before scanning. Scanning with an Artec 2000e+, which sucks if you're on Linux and sucks only marginally less on Windows, so don't buy one. Cropping and touching up (such as removing my carelessly-placed thumb from the sunburst shot) by the wonderful Kate McDonnell; thumbnails, arranging of photos in a displeasing mass, and mislabelling by moi, and identification by myself and various others spending far too much mental energy on a long-ago event.