Mr. Hayes enjoys a beer.
 Mrs. Hayes enjoys a wine.
 Bob holds forth.
 Ian, grinning. He does this a lot.
 Except when he's TOTALLY absorbed in some geektoy.
 Bob reaches for More Beer.
 Colm caught fooling with the geektoy.
 JC talks on the phone, the rest just hang out.
 What? Me?
 That geektoy gets around...
 Ok, ok, I won't sit here all night.
 JoeV reaches for a chord
 Bob and Waider do the stompy dance.
 Bob pogos by himself.
 Either a guitar pose, or he's concentrating hard.
 Would you trust these men to be your IT department?
 Colm tries to make rude phrases out of the fridge magnets.
 Alan and Megan chill out on the sofa.
 Bob, hanging out.
 Bob's hair, hanging out.
 Bob gives the SEEKRIT DEVIL SIGN.
 Waider has enough Southie. Gemma takes advantage.
 Waider, you're not going to yark, are you?