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AIE! FLEE!FROST.BOB II, February 2nd-5th 2001. The "II" reflects the fact that this is the second time there's been a FROST.BOB, which is really just an excuse for a mass excursion to Québec City during their Ice Carnival. There's also a full report on the FROST.BOB II weekend.

The pictures on the right have been tweaked a little in Photoshop by Kate; they'll replace the ones on the left as soon as I find a way to adjust my monitor's gamma controls correctly.

February 2nd

 Aux Anciens Canadiens I
 Aux Anciens Canadiens II
 Aux Anciens Canadiens III
 Doctor Dave Dances, Multiplying Meredith's Mirth 
 I think they may have built something. Or maybe it was just a pose. 
 Snow Sculpture of Waider 
 Unnecessary Cleavage In Snow 
 Unnecessary Nudity In Snow 
 More with the snow and the nudity 
 Meredith politely asks the photographer to quit it.

February 3

 A bunch of people with no fun. 
 Kludge discovers fun!
 Dawn discovers fun!
 Yong-Mi discovers fun!
 Not content with mere fun, Kludge wants... MORE FUN!
 Brian appears to be having most of the fun
 Yong-Mi figured that this guy could lose one of the kids and not notice. I figured the kids were asleep.
 Yong-Mi taunts us with her skating grace
 Waider, on the other hand, demonstrates No Fear Of Gravity.
 Compare and contrast: graceful vs. flaling arms wildly
 (back of shot) Waider and Yong-Mi (obscured) help d. with the whole skating thing
 d. is not convinced, however
 Lunchtime Saturday I
 d. did this. I had no alcohol.
 Lunchtime Saturday II
 Soren has far exceeded his fun quotient. They wouldn't let me wake him with the big plastic trumpet, though.
 View from Montmorency
 Montmorency Falls, before I got close enough to go "oooooh!"
 Yong-Mi attempts to rescue my glove from the railing
 Looking down into the Falls from the bridge
 Waider with that damned horn, having failed to summon any vikings. 
 Autofocus eats my shorts AGAIN.
 I think it's my hair.
 Montmorency Falls by night. Woo!

February 4

 The toboggan run. Some random strangers descend.
 Possibly the kludge/dawn/jacob/matt toboggan, in one of the lanes.
 Definitely the aforementioned toboggan on the nearside lane.
 View from the funicular to the lower town.
 Chinese Buffet I
 Chinese Buffet II
 Chinese Buffet III 
 Chinese Buffet IV
 Two boatloads of Bonhomme's stormtroopers make their way upstream to quell the rebellion.
 Kludge doing the Burma Shave presentations 
 The said Burma Shave (Matt Skala's)
 K, about to pounce.
 Soren grabs my camera
 K, pouncing! run! flee!
 Andrea wonders what all the camera flashing is about
 Much thinking in progress.
 Soren looms at the edge of the group
 Damn my autofocus. That says, "Made in USSR"
 Andrea & Yong-Mi

February 5

 These men work for NASA. Be Afraid.
 Quebec seems to be full of churches, snow, bonhomme, and buildings that would work well in Ghostbusters.
 Bilingual puns. I don't know how well the french one is working, though.
 I'm going to Newark on THAT?
 A lone zamboni roams the airport, seeking a mate.

Waider Je suis avec l'orchestre.