Donal and Shar's Wedding, February 15-18 2003

My brother Donal finally tied the knot on February 17th, but we decided that a two-day run-up to the wedding was in order, and some also needed another day afterward to wind down...

Saturday 15th

In which we take over the hotel bar, harrass the local musician, and drink, drink, drink!

 MC Ross is in da house, yo

Sunday 16th

In which we take over the hotel bar... hang on, we did this again?

 Early start at the bar

Bride and Groom families meet up for a private meal

 Not quite "four fried chickens and a coke".

Aaand we're back in the hotel bar again!


Monday 17th

In which The Brother gets married.

 Aric constructs a sign.
 Aric destroys the sign.
 Cue the Wedding March

The Wedding Reception - The Meal


The Wedding Reception - Bus To The Hotel


Back at the hotel, I was feeling a little off colour, hence no more photos from me. I did take a few with one of the throw-away Kodaks, though.

Tuesday 18th

In which a sorry-looking bunch of people depart the hotel


Waider They Did.