Diarmuid's birthday, January 26th, 2001

 Oh no, he's got a camera.
 Point that feckin' thing somewhere else. Now.
 Beer? Anyone?
 She dunnit!
 Cliffy explains the cigar.
 JamesC looks for more beer money.
 Euw. Cigar tastes HORRIBLE.
 But I still love it when a plan comes together.
 Waider relaxes with beer.
 Natalia refuses to take Cliffy seriously.
 Not now, dear, I'm preening!
 Would you look at all that drink?
 Punchline, obviously.
 Natalia wards off the waves of testosterone.
 Waider giving it loads on the Gibson 'Aero'
 Hair Control (note backless top in background, this is important)
 I know something you don't know!
 Fiona, angled
 The backless top from the photo above. Closer.
 Cameraperson edits out Diarmuid, includes randoms.
 Louise fails to hide from the camera
 Two snogs for the price of one photo!
 Wakey wakey!
 JamesC attempts to distract the camera
 Cliffy attempting to roll his tongue.
 Darnit, he photographed me!
 Again with the rolling, this time in tandem.