Sian persuaded some coworkers (including yours truly) and some friends to go canoeing. August 10th, 2002.

 Sian demonstrates correct method for limbering up
 Dave with picnic goodies
 Kathryn with her paddle. Dave's hiding behind his.
 I'm sure using a sail is cheating.
 canoes, scenery
 church remains. apparently less than used be there, at that.
 one of the bridges across the lake
 The merrie bande of loonies. I'm in the yellow canoe, at the back.
 more canoes, more scenery
 Dave points something out. Everyone looks, except Kathryn, who appears to be practising her golf swing.
 Good Waider Hunting
 Waider demonstrates his incredible sense of balance
 Heading back after lunch (I'm in the front of the yellow boat this time)
 Under the bridge. Sian and Conor in the foreground.
 We're all supposed to be heading in the same direction...
 ...but we're not so good with the steering.
 The Gang's All Here
 Yes, I did wear the shades the whole time. Even when capsizing a kayak.