This is my second time being at the Street Festival, which I think at one point was the Salmon Festival but is now pretty much a long, long party which culminates in a parade and a fireworks display. I played Steward #42 in the parade, attempting to prevent small children and the like from running under a 200 foot long inflatable dragon called Pooka. Due to the stewarding, poor lighting and insufficient camera frobbing in advance most of the photos were discards, alas.

 Cantaloupe, no flash
 Cantaloupe, no flash, some camera settings tweaked
 Cantaloupe, ditto
 I get assaulted by an EMU
 Photographing fireworks is HARD
 Especially with a digicam
 And interfering streetlights
 Two gladiators rock out to Cantaloupe
 The Dragon, parked near the fireworks area
 Sheila models her improvised bunch of stuff