Alan & Megan's Wedding

June 17, 2000

 Megan & her dad arrive
 Standing at the altar
 Standing at the altar
 And we're done!
 Feck off with that camera!
 Bob, angled.
 The Happy Couple, far away.
 The exceedingly tall mr. Connolly.
 Annette, JC and Alyson
 Diarm, Vicki and Pat
 The Bride & Groom enter the reception area
 All Rise! or maybe All Sit!
 Groom's speech, looks like. I need a zoom lens.
 Father of the bride speech.
 Bridesmaids and cigars.
 Bridesmaids, Bride and cigars.
 Ralph and Alan have a word.
 Groom's parents, plus JoeV.
 JoeV, Best Man (we always knew you were, Joe!)
 Alan (Groom) and his new father-in-law.
 Cutting the cake.
 Cutting the cake II.
 Waider and Megan in extreme closeup.
 Best Man's speech.
 Best Man about to get just desserts for speech.
 Damned if I know. There was a game of tag going on.
 First Waltz
 First Waltz II
 Mr. Casey with some fetching headgear.
 Brian, where DID you get that?
 JoeV leads the rockers.