Brian's getting married. We did the prerequisite pre-wedding weekend full of drinking and what not. The "what not" mostly amounted to running around in the woods for a few hours shooting balls of paint at each other, which I don't have pix of, but I did capture some of the choice drinking moments.

Also, a brief story from Tim:

Well... we left the house sometime at dawn cluthing a bottle of stella for that vital getting back to B&B energy. Tried to ring a cab, but no response, we had to walk. So, while wandering in the general direction of Bath (or at least we thought we were) I decided to ask a passer by if we were going in the right direction. The passer by was this blonde woman (who's name i forget) who had just come from baby sitting and was on the way to a party. So as she was 'going our way', as in we were walking the wrong way, we escorted her in the direction of bath. While chatting she asked if we wanted to come to this party, and if she could have some of whatever we were on. She was dissapointed to find it was only stella, but anyway we crashed the party, hung about for 10 minutes, realised we were way to fscked for this. We finaly got a taxi number from a helpful 24hr garage attendant, 15 minutes later, somewere on the outskirts of bath. Then taxied to the B&B.
Woken up into 'undead' status about 3 hours later ....