It's "Ort"

This is my own stuff. As in, things I'm claiming responsibility for actually creating. As opposed to pictures I borrowed or pictures I took.


I used play with fractint a lot in college, and I made a few images with it. I was pretty keen on fractally generated landscapes, so that's mostly what I did. This is a planet, er, conker (160946 bytes) generated by wrapping a lyapunov thingie (176264 bytes) around a sphere. Here's a moon (61518 bytes), possibly made from the same lyapunov thingie except with less spikiness. Getting more into landscape territory, also generated from lyapunov wotsits (which took an awful long time to generate on a 286 with no coprocessor, which is probably why I kept using the same one), there's lumpy.gif (505465 bytes) and lumpy2.gif (507329 bytes). Great names, I know, but like the man says, "It does exactly what it says on the tin.". Finally, there's my favourite, which I spent quite a lot of time assembling: Skyline (57801 bytes). The cliffs are a 3d-rendered Mandlebrot set, and the moon is, I think, a starfield mapped onto a sphere. Obviously the background is a starfield. The whole thing was built in fractint, and then I tweaked the colour of the "water" with a hex editor.

No, really.

This isn't a landscape, and I can't remember what you call the fractal or whatever that generated it, but I really liked that it looked so plasticky (310159 bytes). And Spirals (200505 bytes) is just a chunk of Mandlebrot I particularly liked. It'd make a cool tye-die t-shirt.


I've doodled cartoons for as long as I can remember, and I'm a fair hand at copying cartoons as well. I'm not too good at getting this from pen and paper onto the computer, though. I can appreciate web cartoonists who hand-draw stuff and then scan it. Most of the bits here are from my first website, which was an internal set of pages at Motorola back in 1994. There's the home page logo (2035 bytes), an eye-rending table of contents header (1040 bytes), a variation (871 bytes) on the venerable <hr> tag, and an image for the bio page section on psychology (532 bytes). These were done in Xpaint or similar. I also did two logos for an internal project called InfoNOW using a ray-tracing program (possibly POVray). One big (6558 bytes), one small (505 bytes).

When Tom added images to PerlMUD, I hacked up a quick pic for my living room (36406 bytes) on the MUD. Pretty horrific. Just as well Tom took that feature back out. Xpaint again, I think.

Finally, a few images I put together to make a throbber for Netscape that winked at you: , , and . Of course, Netscape kept futzing around the throbber size so it doesn't work any more. These were done in Paint, that horrible excuse for a drawing program that comes with Windows.


Whee! A drawing program with Special F/X! Don't let anyone like me loose with such a beast, or you'll end up with bleeding-eye logos like the one I did for (18592 bytes) (really, it was an effort to make someone else do a proper logo...) I like the font-rendering toys, too, so I made a little button for flong (1671 bytes). What's flong? I asked kate, the coiner of the word, for a definition:

flong, n. well-meaning email rubbish forwarded by friends and relatives with no motive for profit, the intention usually being to amuse or warn.
also v., as in 'jesus, mom flonged me again with a virus warning.'

In fact, you can read kate's talk.bizarre post on flong.

So now you know. Don't do it.

the rest

This is the stuff that doesn't fit above, or possibly defies categorization.

More throbber parts, this time for a Cognotec throbber:

A little Discordianism (2579 bytes) for your wallpaper. (I don't recall. I'm beginning to suspect that maybe I didn't actually make this myself.)

Poking fun at everyone's favourite monopoly (8347 bytes). (um. some paint program beginning with "n". Neopaint. That's it.)

This image is based on kate's logo for PerlMud. I can't tell you anything about it, though. flyingpig.gif (5389 bytes) (probably Xpaint again. Note that since that's a hand-drawn logo, it's not actually abuse of official corporate blah blah.)

Finally: back when Netscape was more fun, they had a webcam pointed at a sign, and a form hooked to the sign. So you could write messages that would appear in the Netscape engineering area, and you could see your messages. So I made a logo (3835 bytes) for my own domain. Nice, eh? (Navigator and a cgi script)

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