emacs hacks

This page contains links to some of my emacs hacks. It is autogenerated from the comments (if any) at the head of each file.

bigass.el(updated Fri Oct 10 13:12:35 2003)
;; The bigass array used by the japanese prompter hack

cddb-mode.el(updated Tue Oct 2 20:47:42 2012)
;;; Mode for editing CDDB files (i.e. xmcd CD database files)
;;; Created: Waider / 05/10/2000
;;; Last Modified: Waider / 09/06/2001
;;; Things to fix:
;;; 1. Long lines can be wrapped by putting in a second
;;; TTITLE\d+=... line, but this code won't handle that.
;;; 2. Enforce line lengths and character ranges
;;; 3. Autocomplete stuff fails badly when you're playing with non-ASCII.
;; is this strictly necessary?

deity.el(updated Mon Oct 14 21:41:14 2002)
;; Insert the name of a random deity at point.
;; Written as a joke some time in the late '90s. Updated October 2000
;; when I'd learned far more elisp than could be considered healthy.

diary-helper.el(updated Sat May 8 22:34:46 2021)
;;; diary helper stuff
;;; Things to do
;;; format-diary-template or similar, which will take the place of all
;;; the messy format hacks and deal with the boilerplate strings in a
;;; sane fashion
;;; Reinvestigate the fill-out-missing-days code and do it more sanely
;;; The work balance between M-x diary and C-o needs to be adjusted
;;; somewhat.

gronk.el(updated Tue Dec 2 11:15:46 2003)
;; randomness for playing with gronk
;; Waider, January/February 2001

hex.el(updated Thu Oct 16 19:04:46 2003)
;;; Hex convertor
;; I can't believe I had to write one of these.
;; I was right in my disbelief...
;;(defvar hexdigits '( "0" "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" "6" "7" "8" "9" "a" "b" "c" "d" "e" "f"))

japanese-hack.el(updated Tue Aug 2 15:18:28 2005)
;; Japanese prompter
;; Display some sort of hint about what the japanese character under
;; the cursor is. Included functions to redefine cursor keys such that
;; this gets called when you cursor left or right. Requires hex.el for
;; the hex convertor, bigass.el for a big-ass lookup table, and a file
;; called UNIHAN.TXT which I think I got from the Unicode site. I
;; can't give you a copy because of the copyright notice, which I'm
;; reproducing here:
;;# Name: Unihan database
;;# Unicode version: 2.0
;;# Table version: 1.1
;;# Date: 23 September 1996
;;# Author: John H. Jenkins <jenkins@apple.com>
;;# Copyright (c) 1996 Unicode, Inc. All Rights reserved.
;;# This file is provided as-is by Unicode, Inc. (The Unicode Consortium).
;;# No claims are made as to fitness for any particular purpose. No
;;# warranties of any kind are expressed or implied. The recipient
;;# agrees to determine applicability of information provided. If this
;;# file has been provided on magnetic media by Unicode, Inc., the sole
;;# remedy for any claim will be exchange of defective media within 90
;;# days of receipt.
;;# Recipient is granted the right to make copies in any form for
;;# internal distribution and to freely use the information supplied
;;# in the creation of products supporting Unicode. Unicode, Inc.
;;# specifically excludes the right to re-distribute this file directly
;;# to third parties or other organizations whether for profit or not.
;;# In other words: Don't put this file on the Internet. People who want to get it
;;# over the Internet should do so directly from ftp://unicode.org. They
;;# can therefore be assured of getting the most recent and accurate version.
;;# And don't put it on CD-ROMs.
;; Last frobbed, august 2001

memo.el(updated Tue Aug 10 09:37:51 2004)
;;; Memo
;;; $Id$
;;; Specifically, an emacs mode for playing with Pilot memos as backed
;;; up by PilotManager and the SyncMemo conduit.
;;; Waider 2000/2001

nhist.el(updated Mon Oct 14 21:41:14 2002)
;;; Functions to play with netscape's history file
;;; Waider, 20/02/2001

sudoku.el(updated Tue Oct 2 20:47:42 2012)
;;; Major mode for solving sudoku puzzles.
;;; Waider <waider@waider.ie>, August 2005
;;; since google turned up no matches...
;;; Draw out your sudoku puzzle using |, + and - as box characters,
;;; then M-x sudoku-mode. This will currently just stop you from
;;; making obvious mistakes, i.e. violating the "one digit per
;;; horiz/vert/box" rule. It automatically adapts to the correct set
;;; of allowable 'digits' based on the size of the grid, up to a
;;; maximum of 6x6. At some point I may add more such as hints and
;;; solving, and possibly puzzle generation for the truly bored.

Waider Ugh. Did I write that?