The Workshop

Welcome to the workshop. You've seen all those websites with annoying little logos about how they're under construction? That's not construction. That's laziness.

This is construction.

If you read my hacker's diary, you'll notice I tend to work on a lot of random stuff that doesn't ever see the light of day, usually because I get distracted by some new bright shiny object, or I hit a not-insurmountable-but-certainly-tall wall. Well, here's a selection of that crap - ideally, I'd put my entire ~/src directory here, but there's an amount of NDA stuff and the like therein... You may find some useful code here; you may find some amusing comments, too. Take what you like and give credit if you see fit. You can give me geek points on Affero, even!

C hackery

Lisp hackery

Perl hackery

Python hackery

Shell Scripts

Take it from the top.

Waider Ugh. Did I write that?