"Hey, what if you made it..."

This page got woefully out of date, so I've junked the original content in favour of keeping a list of softwareish I'd like to have. Some of this may actually exist already, mind you, I've just not found it...

gthumb plugin to upload to flickr. Had a brief look at this; it looks like gthumb supports some sort of plugin architecture but it's completely undocumented.

XMMS doing daap annoucement/streaming. Why should iTunes users have all the fun? There's a few DAAP things out there, and some stuff for XMMS2, but I'm clinging to my XMMS v1, dammit.

mp4 plugin for XMMS. Surely this exists? xmms-faad2 is what I needed, although the UI appears to hang completely while the track is playing... I'd really like the ability to use mplayer's plugins with XMMS, but I'll settle for this right now. Some crazy person wrote a generic input plugin for XMMS whereby you have a shell script which takes a file on input and produces raw audio on output (or something like that) which could be used for this, I guess.

id3lib tools updated to support libid3tag-produced id3v2.4 tags.

automatic syncing for my crufty old Palm Vx when I connect it to a cradle.

automatic syncing from my phone to my laptop when it's within bluetooth range. part of the problem with this is that I don't have a decent contact manager that fits the bill, and that includes BBDB (which I worked on for several years).

more bluetooth services on my laptop, like audio and video display for the phone. Seems like there's some audio support here.

a decent ical clone for Linux. maybe I should just buy a mac.

a little textbox notifier that lives in the notify area that you can send updates to from wherever, like one of those RSS feed toys. You could send it IM alerts, mail notifications, dbus events, etc. and have them pop up when they 'hit' and then get archived in a scrollinglist. I could probably write this in an afternoon, actually, since there are Perl modules to cover most of what I need. Bonus points for the text being clickable and context-senstive (i.e. clicking IM alerts jumps to your IM client, etc.)

"Being arrayed against a deity over a few lines of code didn't seem worth it,
but I still think forwarding all the headers is the right to do."
- Kyle Jones