These are patches and so forth for various net.projects. Obviously bit-rot will take its toll and they'll stop working, so pay attention to the date.

Perl DateTime::Format::W3CDTF fix
0.04 version doesn't handle all permitted variants. This patch fixes that. Note that the first two tests are also broken, and I've not bothered patching them. patch (May 2007)
grip Load CDDB Info button
Patch against the fc5 build; include it in the SPEC and rebuild. grip load button patch (April 2007)
spca50x RPM bits
A specfile and a Makefile patch for the spca50x camera driver. The specfile can be forced to build for a specific source and kernel version through defines on the rpmbuild command line (although you'll have to grab the source code manually).
specfile (September 2005)
(September 2005)
Linux WLAN (2MB) for Linux 2.4
This is a reinvention-from-scratch of Danny O'Brien's patches to linux-wlan 0.3.4 to make it compile and build on Linux 2.4. patch to 0.3.5-pre1 (August 2004)
This is a half-way port of XMMS to Gtk2. I got as far as a fully-ported glib2 layer, and everything except text/fonts and the whole Tree mess at the Gdk/Gtk layer. I've since abandoned it in favour of not running anything that requires it, i.e. qt3.2. You can do what you like with the bits. XMMS patch (August 2004) aRTs Output patch (August 2004).
SyncAB with PalmOS-style vCards
For various reasons I thought that the synced vCards should match the beamed ones. complete module. (May 11 2004)
CVS context menus
This is pretty dumb, and hacky, but it works. It depends on (a) having enough privs on your machine to frob the default file type in the registry, (b) having cvs.exe from in your PATH (c) Having already done the messy parts of CVS (login, check out, etc.).
It gives you three new entries on the default context menu: check in, check out, and update. Check in pops up notepad to allow you to comment your checkin (CVS does that, not me). It's a registry file, so you should just be able to save it as cvs.reg and double-click it.
cvs.registry.patch (Jan 27 2002)
Macromedia Flash RPM
Very rough. I was in a hurry, or something. A specfile to keep your Flash in RPM's clutches.
flash.spec. Not needed any more since Flash is now distributed in various packaging.
GnuPG IDEA support
Add IDEA encryption to GnuPG. You'll need suitable idea.c code as well; you can try for the file I used. Note that if you don't want to build a new gnupg binary, you can just compile the idea.c file into a plugin using the command line contained in the file, then sling it into somewhere like /usr/lib/gnupg, then - the all-important step that I spent a good half-hour googling for - add load-extension idea to your ~/.gnupg/options file.
gnupg-idea.patch (Oct 27 2001)
signature for gnupg-idea.patch
Mail::Folder fixes
Clean up warnings and use MIME::Parser instead of MIME::ParserBase.
Mail::Folder patch (Aug 21 2000)
MySQL Navigator RPM
Patch and specfile to build an RPM for MySQL Navigator, and clean up a few problems with building under RedHat 7. May actually have been integrated since I wrote it; the author seemed happy with the patch at the time.
mysql_navigator-rh7+makefiles.patch (Mar 24, 2001)
mysql_navigator.spec (Mar 24 2001)
Originally, this was to allow Pilot-Link's Perl hooks to compile under Perl 5.6, and also to fold in the malsync (AvantGo) patches and a few other minor buglets. As the Pilot-Link source has since been 5.6-ized, it's now mostly malsync stuff. I've recently redone this to fit into the RedHat 7.3 SRPM version of pilot-link, which necessitated updating the spec file to build the Perl modules. The latest version of this patch (January 2003) allows the module to build under multithreaded Perl also, at the expense of modifying two header files (i.e. may break code elsewhere)
pilot-link-0.9.5-malsync.patch (Jan 11 2003)
pilot-link-0.9.5-mt.patch (Jan 11 2003)
pilot-link.spec (Jan 11 2003)
tinyfugue RPM
A spec file and a patch to build an RPM for tinyfugue.
tf-40s1-config.patch (Jan 23 2002)
tf.spec (Jan 23 2002)
wxxt Compiler cleanup
wxxt is part of Linuxconf, or used as part of it, anyway. It doesn't build under recent gcc's due to excessive abuse of the C specification. This patch cleans it up again.
XKeycaps Compaq Armada M700 support
This patch adds the Compaq Armada M700 with UK+Eurosign keyboard to XKeycaps' already formidable list.