hack hack

I'm putting a few of my hacks here so that others can perhaps benefit from my labours. Or something.

Most of the endless quantities of barely-useful code I churn out tends to be in the form of Perl scripts to do small jobs, as per the Unix philosophy. I've started keeping an approximate account of what sort of rubbish I've turned out lately. I've also started keeping a list of things I wished worked better, on the off chance that I actually need another toy to play with.

Things I've actually gotten around to doing

For pure ego-waving, there's the netstuff page.

Here's a hacked version of mod_put to allow Netscape Roaming Profiles to work with Apache. Funnily enough, I subsequently found mod_roaming which apparently does the same thing but better.

The obligatory gratutituous emacs abuse.

I liked Linuxconf back when it was the cool thing (about Red Hat 5 or 6, I guess). I was working on a half-assed module called m4mailconf to manage sendmail's m4 config files, but never really finished it.

Here's a disgraceful piece of Perl to feed your AvantGo setup. It's truly disgusting and very useful; the output could probably be used as a home page in its own right, I guess. Mostly I've taken stuff out of this in favour of my RSS toy, and I don't use AvantGo any more.

And here's another piece of Perl to monitor stuff.

Fed up of manually swapping between IR and hardline on your Pilot? So was Anders Gustafsson, and he wrote a little gadget called bsync to get around it. I've modified bsync so that it restores the original setting when it's done.

Occasionally I generate patches for some of the free stuff out there. You'll find them on my patches page, which should save you from looking through the diary for them.

A recent idea came to me: some of the code I chew up and spit out might be useful for others. So I've created the workshop area which contains hacks-in-progress that are insufficiently complete to make an actual "product" out of, but might contain some usable code..

And finally, something Gross, Unbeliveable, Bizarre and Unprecedented in javascript. Requires Netscape 4+ or IE 5+. Will apparently crash IE4.

Impatience. Laziness. Hubris.