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October 26
House M.D. Season 3 ended with a bit of a bang, and season 4 so far is basically MasterChef: Hospital Edition. I'm fuzzy on how this pans out because the three principals from the first three season are still getting credits and the occasional cameo, but I'm pretty sure at least one of the MasterChefs winds up on the new team as well. Oh, and Foreman's story arc is sort of Nelson Muntz HA-HA material.

We have not watched an actual movie in ages.

October 19
Stupid toy of the weekend: something to scrape basic details of a family tree out of ...a website... and turn it into a Cytoscape graph. Worked nicely for about 120 people, failed to load for about 600. I may consider using NetworkX. My intent here is to figure out if two people in a tree have any connection (since ...the website... allows disconnected trees), but I've also got the makings of something that can sync my local genealogy efforts with fiddlings online, something that's kinda tedious to do manually. Oh, and I don't want to do the obvious GEDCOM export/import thing because it's a lossy format plus I want to gate exactly what gets synced, since my online efforts have a tendency to be sloppy whereas my local efforts tend to be a bit more based on actual sources.

October 18
So we saw the Star Trek:TNG finale - season 7 episodes 25 & 26, or just 25 if you consider it as one giant episode - and it was an ok wrap-up: bringing back a few characters, using time travel to reference the first episode, etc. - but it also sort of felt like it could've been just another two-part episode in the series and we'd tune back in for season 8. Maybe it was planned that way, with the second half being the first episode of the following season, I dunno. Unlike the movies, they didn't destroy the Enterprise - well, not really, and when it happened you knew it wasn't going to stick - so you didn't really have that sense that everything was coming to an end. And they kind of left the door open for some sort of followup, but Picard - the nearest thing I've watched to being that followup - seems to have ignored that entirely and gone off to plough its own furrow. Anyway, as these things go it wasn't bad.

Of course, we're not actually done with TNG: ironically, we haven't actually seen the first two episodes, and we're missing a handful of episodes from seasons 5, 6 and 7 thanks to Virgin Media's shennaigans covered here previously. The Horror Channel is currently on season 5, so we're picking up the missing episodes there, but I've no idea when we'll get the first two.

October 4
We've caught up on a couple of the missing episodes from ST:TNG - oh look, there's Leonard Nimoy - as the Horror Channel (!) works its way through Season 5, and meanwhile we've got the rest of Season 7 from Pick channel captured and waiting. Pick has now started into Deep Space 9, but we'll be skipping on that. At least for now, anynway.

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