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Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

February 28
I could've sworn we had already seen The Last Man on the Moon before but I guess maybe we saw one of other docus on the same topic or by the same name. In any case, an engaging story about Gene Cernan, starring Gene Cernan, apparently written by him as well.

February 21
Atomic Blonde was... slower than I expected. I think they were trying to make a thoughtful movie that just happened to feature Charlize Theron kicking ass, but I found it just felt like an action movie that lacked pace. I mean, fine, lovely recreation of 1989/1990 Berlin, I'm sure, and the whole "Toby Jones was good in Tinker Tailer let's use him in this Cold War Spy Story" bit was ok. I couldn't take John Goodman seriously as CIA guy, between the ridiculous beard and his movie back catalogue. And James McEvoy was sort of his character from Split and Glass but slightly less supernatural. I dunno. It just didn't really gel for me.

February 15
Watched Blade Runner 2049 again. I think I'd forgotten a few bits since last time, but I enjoyed it in any case. One thing I did notice a lot more this time was Character Who Verbalizes Subtlety Of Plot In Case You Missed It.

Not enjoyable was that the AppleTV chose to stop talking to the Internet literally 30 seconds before the movie ended, so I spent five minutes turning things off and on again just to get that last 30 seconds. Never happened with my DVDs...

February 14
Postcards from the Edge was fun, but I wouldn't rave about it. There's a lot of sharp dialogue in it, and a few good laughs, but I guess in places it feels like it's trying a little too hard or something.

February 7
Enjoying Star Trek: Picard so far.

Hidden Figures was excellent, but I felt the sheer awfulness of Virginia's persistent segration was diluted rather a lot by humour in the movie, and shouldn't have been. But then you'd probably lose a chunk of the audience, so whatcha gonna do? Anyway. Great movie, incredible people who did incredible work and struggled to get even a fraction of the respect they deserved. Read the book, btw.

February 1
Loving how Google's spam detection is effortlessly able to flag legitimate emails I've received for literally years as junk while adding spam calendar invites directly to my calendar.

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