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October 11
I will confess to not knowing anything about Nina Simone other than that she sang a few songs I recognised, and did so rather awesomely. No idea of nationality, background, even what specific era she belonged to. So pretty much everything in What Happened, Miss Simone? came as a surprise. Born in segregated America! Trained as a classical pianist by a white woman who saw her play at a church revival! Played in bars to support her family when she mysteriously failed to get into a very white music school! Married to a man who basically was her version of Elvis' Colonel Parker! Turns out he was also an abuser! Got involved in the civil rights movement! Hung out with Malcom X, MLK and the like! (and, uh, Bill Cosby. Oh well.) Wrote protest songs! Got pretty much dropped from the entire music industry because of it! Fled the country! Turned into an abusive parent! Was diagnosed and treated for bipolar disorder! Triumphant comeback! Only died in 2003, something I'm sure I should have been aware of! This is a great documentary, and well worth watching even if you already knew all of the above. In addition to various archive footage, there's also some interview time with her daughter to colour things out.

So after that we flipped around the channels and found Jaws, which had been running for about an hour. So we watched that.

October 5
Well, that was weird: somewhere in the swings and roundabouts - OS upgrades? random editing? - my contacts got mangled such that the links from my contact card to Mrs. Waider's went from "spouse" to some sort of URL-encoded variant of "Spouse", which meant that "Siri, call my wife" stopped working. It's a bit disappointing, because one of the things that impressed me with Siri early on was it reacting correctly to "give me directions to my wife's office", and figuring out why it no longer recognised the relationship should have been unnecessary and certainly wasn't broken in an immediately obvious way.

We watched Exposed mainly because I'd seen it was a Keanu Reeves movie I didn't know anything about and it was available as part of our Prime subscription; it's an odd movie. Essentially I like the general ide of it - you're guessing at the facts when it becomes obvious early on that something is distinctly wrong - but I think ultimately the setup is too long, there's a few too many complicating elements (the dog, the husband at war overseas) - and in the end it all feels like it could have been much punchier if some of that had been cut back.

October 3
Spent a good chunk of time trying to script the process of updating SSL certificates on a MacOS Server.app-managed machine. It is needlessly complicated and has a couple of one-way doors from a scripting perspective, at least on the older version of MacOS I'm dealing with; for example, if you add a private key without an access list, there's no way to fix that without using Keychain Access to delete the private key or manually add the access list you want. I got about 90% of the way there and parked it.

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