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A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

October 6
Updating 2FA stuff to no longer use Google Authenticator; I've switched to Authy instead. Old phone came back to life sufficiently for me to help with this process, but I no longer trust it to actually remain running. I'll factory wipe it while I still can and investigate if it's worth repairing (it'll need a new battery regardless of what else is up with it) or if it's now recycler fodder.

TouchID on the new phone is scarily improved over the old phone (to be fair, I've skipped from a 6 to an 8). I tried it briefly on the old phone and gave up in frustration; new phone actually makes it seem like a viable option, although I'm balking at enabling TouchID for my password safe.

I'm bemused that Google's own spam algorithms chose to classify their own security alert emails as spam. But then, when you enable 2FA, they default to "on" the checkbox that says "don't use 2FA on this browser" which I think somewhat defeats the purpose of enabling it. Let people think about the risks involved, rather than allowing EULA-driven mindless clicking of "Next" buttons to turn off the security feature they've just enabled.

My shiny Bose headphones, a gift for my birthday, have stopped working. This is annoying, more so because it appears to be some sort of known fault going by the prevalence of similar symptoms on the Bose message boards. I am awaiting a return contact from their customer service to tell me what happens now.

October 4
My phone woke me up this morning with its alarm, and then keeled over and died - it looks like the battery has reached MAX_CYCLE_COUNT or some such as it's no longer charging. This is ... inconvenient.

And now I have an iPhone 8. I'll still need to go visit an Apple dealer with the old one because I can't turn it on to factory-wipe it.

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