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A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

December 12
Managed to complete a few backups eventually. So now I need to figure out what I'm doing next; put the RAID unit back on the older server, or move everything to the newer server? Maybe this'll be a Christmas Holiday project!

The circus in the UK... they can't even properly organise a revolt. It's all too stupid to make up. Oh, and BBC weren't helping matters by trying to run "live" coverage of the outside windows of the 1922 Committee's offices while the count was happening, having the guy on camera saying inane things like, "maybe their hands are cold and that's why it's taking so long". Anyway, all over, now we're back to petulantance vs. obstinancy while the slightly bemused, slightly confused rest of the EU looks on wondering how the hell these people managed to conquer a quarter of the planet only a few centuries ago.

I have been noodling around with Advent of Code 2018, a fun little site that gives you two programming puzzles each day and builds up a picture as you solve the puzzles. I got stuck a little a couple of days ago with one of the puzzles because I'd solved it using brute force and then the followup puzzle was "now do the same thing scaled up 100 times". After a couple of days it became obvious that it wasn't going to complete any time soon, and worse I'd not put any progress indicators in the code so I'd no idea if it was at 9% or 90%. So I did a little hacking about this evening (in the process discovering that Python allows you to do array[index:] = new_array_values) and my canary run went from 45 seconds to under 10, so I'm now rerunning it along with some progress indicators and it's already 20% of the way through. Shuold be done tomorrow, I guess. There's nothing stopping me from moving on to the next puzzle in the mean time, but I figured I'd do them in order.

December 8
Just doing a quick fsck...
/dev/rdisk2s2: fsck_hfs started at Sun Dec  2 10:54:05 2018
/dev/rdisk2s2: fsck_hfs completed at Sat Dec  8 07:12:15 2018
Now to see if it'll run a backup.

December 7
Company Christmas Party, where there was an actual old-fashioned carousel. Indoors.

December 2
In an attempt to remedy the backup situation, I'm switching the backup drive to a slightly beefier machine (for handwaving reasons it needs to be a network share, not directly connected). That means it's basically spent the last 11 hours verifying the drive, and there's no progress bar to hint at when it might be done. Tum-ti-tum.

December 1
I have established a pattern of backup failure that goes like this: So, the thing about this is that each time around the loop, the probability of failure increases because there's more data to back up (unless the machine you're backing up is entirely unused, and even then it's still generating some level of churn on the disk from time to time). I appear to have hit a tipping point on this where I can't rely on the backup drive to be reliably available for long enough to complete the backup.

I am so glad I have Arq as an offsite backup while I'm trying to figure this mess out.

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