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Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

February 23
Ok, so Preacher season finale: A+++ would watch again. The casual attitude of the townspeople to Weird Stuff is epitomised, I think, by the scene where Cassidy turns to a random person and says, knowingly, "Angel hand", and the random person nods with interest. Casually. Not in the slightest bit phased by the fact that the severed hand in a bag is, in fact, a severed angel hand. It's all nicely set up with the major plot point from the books (FINALLY!) so now I'm just waiting for season 2 to roll around.

February 22
Woop, long run of not updating here. Busy. I'm still watching Preacher, but mainly at night (Amazon Video app on iPad is both a joy and a curse!) and I'm almost done. It's diverged somewhat from the source material, as these things do, but I'm enjoying it.

February 11
Finished season 2 of Bosch: a bit disappointing in that there were a whole lot of loose ends, the "explosive showdown" with the antagonist was a bit flat, and the whole side-story investigating his mother's murder went, well, about nowhere. Still, if a season 3 shows up, I'll be watching it

Started watching Preacher as well. The stark full-screen white title cards make it look like an amateur production, and Cassidy's paddywhackery Oirish accent is ridiculous, but the whole black humour thing is nicely done. Two episodes in and I'm wondering when it's going to actually get moving on the core plot, though.

February 8
My little web-scrapey scripts are starting to fail as various people make their HTTPS servers demand more than OpenSSL on a modern Mac can provide. I appreciate that MacOS has moved to its own SSL platform, but it'd be nice if they brought the system Python along with them.

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