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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


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May 23
A little more hacking around with the site layout - now there are next/prev links at the top right of the pages (not in RSS, obviously).

May 20
Reread the entire run of Transmetropolitan over hte last week... just because. It's still a vibrant and relevant piece of work despite the fact that it's 21 years old in places; perhaps it's more relevant, because it was weirdly prescient about things that were trivially written off as an excess of fiction - like a White House Press Officer telling the press that it's a privilege to be permitted in the press room; or a president who wants the title but doesn't actually want to do any, y'know, presiding.

Just leaving this here:
Together For Yes banner

Had to redo some scripts which made assumptions about the format of next/previous links in the diary. Since I've gone to the trouble of coding up something that can parse the files, I should probably blow up all these auxilliary scripts and fold them into the current mess.

May 19
Website beaten into template code, now removing the exceptions so that everything gets cleaned up: no Google Analytics, no Google Ads, no Technorati profile, and everything using the same template.

May 12
Still working on the random cleanup of this site.

The bulk of content, such as it is, is this diary, and it's not generated with any of your fancy-pants "blogging" software: it's written in Emacs, using a fairly minimal templating and assisting system (which knows how to look up things in IMDb, and has a semi-functional means of linking a given piece of text consistently to whatever I'd linked it to in the past). However, the templating is done at time of writing, which means that a change I made to the template in, say, 2013 will not be back-propagated to previous entries. Which means cleaning out the Google advertising (and, it seems, Google analytics in a few spots) is a bit of a pain. So I've hacked together something that will reverse-engineer the pages into template plus content, and in the process I'm discovering all sorts of silly errors; not just minor stuff like misplaced tags, but major stuff like a "Prev" meta tag that, er, refers to the current month rather than the previous one. Various other encoding errors are also being sorted out as I find them.

(Why not use blogging software? Because I don't think I ever came across one I liked when I went looking, and because my requirements are few, and because I like that this site is effectively static once it's shipped to the server - you can't break into its database of articles and plant malware, because there isn't a database and the pages get resynced with my offline copy every time I do an upload.)

May 11
Batman vs. Superman was not the terrible movie I was lead to expect. In fact, I kinda liked it, although I can't really engage with Ben Affleck as The Bat, and snide, whiny Alfred was rather unpalatable. Anyway. Not terrible, not essential cinema.

May 09
Doing some random cleanup on the files that make up this site, not least to remove the Google Ads I randomly stuck in some time ago.

May 04
Friday night is movie night... no, we didn't watch any of the Star Wars franchise, we watched The Departed - which I'd seen before, but Mrs. Waider had not. Definitely better the second time around because you're prepared for it being Three. Hours. Long. (ok, 2.5) But it does still feel like they could've edited it a bit. It's good, it's gritty, it's tense, it's... surprising towards the end (and Scorsese's reported distatste with how it all pans out is intriguing, to say the least). Worth seeing at least once.

April 30
Bit of grammar trouble over at RTÉ News:
2018-04-29 19:39:36 French museum discovers half of its collection are fake
2018-04-29 21:19:40 French museum discovers half of its collection is fake
2018-04-30 07:01:17 French museum discovers half of collection are fakes

They just gave up on this one outright, though:
2018-04-29 17:33:56 Labour Party launches it's campaign for a yes vote

Backups: mine seem to have recovered, but now Mrs. Waider's are lagging. Deary me.

IMDb/HTTP in Emacs: I made a quick bodge to fix it. Basically I'd written a thing to allow you to do Emacs' find-file with URLs using cURL ages ago, so I just tweaked that slightly and did an interference fit1 against the IMDb code. It means it no longer supports proxies or cookies (yes! I'd written all that in Emacs lisp!), but I don't need either for this to work.

1. implies use of force

April 27
Somehow we missed - and didn't know we'd missed - X-Men: Days of Future Past. It's basically "Bryan Singer uses time travel to reboot the X-Men stuff he disagrees with" and frankly after X-Men: The Last Stand it's about the only place this franchise could go. IMDb tells me they also disregarded a few plot points from that movie but frankly it's been so long since I've seen it that I can't actually recall much beyond the rather silly floating of the Golden Gate Bridge around the place. But that's not this movie. The throwback to the 70s was done well enough, but the plot was a bit preposterous and I couldn't take Peter Dinklage's moustache seriously. Like, this is your bad guy? He looks like he should be in Boogie Nights, not this movie... ultimately this feels like another by-the-numbers superhero movie where they're required to hit certain notes, certain sacrifices must be made, certain characters have uncharacteristic changes of heart, etc. and as such it just sort of toodles along harmlessly. The only really bad bit is the denoument, where for some reason they felt the need to go to epic lengths to draw out the obvious conclusion and you're kinda sitting there drumming your fingers going, "c'mon, we know how this is gonna pan out, just get to it already". And then we have the happily ever after setup for the next movie (also haven't seen it). Summary: not dire, but not a patch on the MCU stuff.

April 20
...and the backup finished, and then some time later started a new backup of ~33GB. I'm sure this all makes sense somehow.

Thor: Ragnarok is sort of like of someone took a previous Avengers movie and had the scriptwriters from Deadpool work it over. It has a lot of self-deprecating humour going on; however, they never quite get around to any fourth-wall-breaking activities. It's a lot of fun, and I'm sure my enjoyment of it was in no way associated with consumption of a margarita and a beer during the watching.

Wow. I just discovered (while wondering why my Emacs-based IMDb lookup no longer works) that I wrote a rudimentary HTTP client - with cookie support - in elisp. That's hideous. What was I thinking?

(I'm thinking I have to update it to support SSL, because that's why it's stopped working...)